The ring

«When I wear my ring by Regula Wyss, it looks a bit like a porcupine sitting on my hand. A pleasantly soft round nestles around my finger, from which five-centimetre-long rubber strips come to rest on the back of my hand. I think every person who has ever made a silhouette knows this effect: they cut many small cuts into the edge of the paper, and when the paper is unfolded, a feathery hem is created. I have just such a rubber feather object on the back of my hand.

Regula Wyss’ ring has a resting and an active mode, because as soon as I move my hand, the piece of jewellery changes and comes to life: the plastic feather strips bounce, dance, move depending on the gesture. This has an effect on my counterpart, who is now constantly looking at this little black hand animal. But it also has an effect on me as the wearer: this jewellery is tangible, present, it lives with me. When I wear this ring, I am always aware that my appearance, my effect on people changes. And because the object on my hand is so mobile, dancing and cheerful, all people actually react very positively, curious and pleased. So the jewel creates a good mood – on both sides! »

– Dolores Zoé Bertschinger –